Mar 31, 2012

New artist | A. CASANOVA | Artevistas Gallery

A. Casanova | Baño 1 | Detalle de la obra
I already escaped from the pretentious and tendentious attempt to make great speeches about what I do. One day the sun came out and I said - Casanova, the important thing to paint is paint. Therefore, paints what excites you, consider what happens to you ... let them talk. And this is what I did. I discarded the cumbersome and pedantic speeches.
As I  recently read in an article of the discloser Punset: "Why do not we talk about things that really matter in people's daily life?. I mean somethings less bombastic and dull, but fundamental for homespun."
Speaking about the everyday and the intimate, from the irony and humor. All that can happen, as far as emotion and emotional concerns, in the life of anybody. Discarding outdated idea of painting as object solemn and untouchable. Escape ideas and striking images, demagogues or militant. create in a dilettante little theater, in which does not represent anything extraordinary. The icon is a supplement, a bonus of what really matters: painting. (Alejandro Casanova Barberán)

A. Casanova | Baño 2 | Detalle de la obra

A. Casanova | Baño Blanco | Detalle de la obra

A. Casanova | Baño Blanco | Detalle de la obra

A. Casanova | Baño Blanco | Detalle de la obra

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