Apr 16, 2012

"LIßIDO" by Conrad Roset at Artevistas Gallery | Until 29.APRIL.2012

An Interview with Conrad Roset.
Tell us about yourself, Who is Conrad Roset? I am an illustrator from Barcelona and I work in different projects for advertising agencies, studios and publishers.
Describe briefly your career. I've always drawn, but I took it more seriously when I left high school. I started in the Joso school in Barcelona and then I studied Fine Arts here, in Barcelona. After that I went to work, first as an illustrator in Zara and after that I started like a freelance.
What art movements have influenced your work? Hmm, I guess that expressionism, artists such as Schiele and Klimt have been very influential for me, too few Modernist artists like Mucha.
When did you start seeing yourself as an artist? I never really, I am not an artist. I consider myself more of a versatile illustrator.
How is a idea? What is the inspiration for you? It born working. I think Picasso said something like. I don’t  believe much in inspiration and I believe a lot in effort and continuous work.
Let us focus on the illustration, how is your working process? Always I draw The Muses from picture, so the first thing I have to do are the photos to models usually take pictures my girlfriend or just looking for photos of photographers that I like. After I draw many pencil-drawings, when I have about 5 or 7, I paint them. It's like a chain work that helps me to see the work together more. This also allows me to be wrong...
Which technique is the most use for your illustrations?
I try to vary for each project.
One of the issues that most attracts the attention of your work is the female body. What is the significance of your "musas"?
This project presents a compilation of many illustrations of the female figure.
For my "musas" I have experienced many different techniques (acrylics, watercolors, pastels, markers, crayons, colored pencils ...) on different media (wood, fabric, colored paper, cardboard or paper) to show my interpretation of sensuality the female body in all its variables painting.
In your last exhibition "LißIDO" in the Artevistas gallery show your work on your Musas with a reduced color palette, what is that? What new techniques have you applied?
A year ago used many colors, and for "LißIDO"  I reduced my palette to black and white, with touches of red. Moving away from the immediacy of the colors, means focusing on the shapes and profiles, highlight the gray point and apply a touch of color.
You've worked with big names; tell us something about these experiences.
I love working in advertising, not as my personal work, but it is nice to work in teams; also force me to change the format and technique and that helps me to evolve. Now, for example, I'm making a video for a great brand, where we see the musas in motion.
If you had to choose one of your works to define your career, what would it be?
No doubt my MUSAS
How do you see the situation for illustrators working in Spain? I think we're in a very good time for illustration, design, etc. .. Obviously we are in the midst of a huge crisis but thanks to new technologies and social networking can work for clients around the world without leaving your home. I know that if you move you can do whatever you want and whoever you want.
What are your plans designed for the near future? I want to learn to make videoclips.
What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?
Basically to work a lot.
(original interview by Ningunearte.com)

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