May 19, 2011


"Under the title Movements and cycles I made a series of 11 paintings through which I wanted to immortalize the vestiges of my memory, pieces of my ephemeral existence.
All the paintings in this series present the concept of time, the path that draw my steps through the space and as a result, my tracks configured cycles: some open and others closed.
I work with different materials: pigment, latex, oil, acrylic, spray and paper...
All the paintings are on canvas and in all the color is what prevails. These are colors that are superimposed to set up my work space: the result is "walls" encoded by numbers, letters and other signs. I associate its symbolism to the feelings I experience when mute skin." Bernal.

Silere | Bernal
96 x 98 cm.
Mixed media on canvas

Resignación | Bernal
100 x 100 cm.
Mixed media on canvas

Límites al infinito | Bernal
102 x 102 cm.
Mixed media on canvas

Non culpa | Bernal
147 x 149 cm.
Mixed media on canvas
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