Jul 14, 2012


Vincent Malléa carries out photographic, large format. But it is very tempting to talk about paintings, and without question, collages.
With a very special ritual, the artist happens to make us forget that these are photographs. As a painter, he works in layers, overlapping and interfering between each other, eventually creating a beautiful harmony. Malléa composed, recomposed his works, juxtapositions and overlays of printed sheets and glued on a support mounted on the chassis. He rebuilt the image that was conducted during the shooting session. These pictures are ultimately for him than just a tool, a raw material, which allows it to more fully exploit their creativity. He performs his movements so instinctive, he knows by heart, he repeated since childhood. And it's like a chorus, a little mantra, a little nostalgia.
The work of the matter is very present in his work. Photos of Vincent Malléa are not smooth. We discover, many rough edges, give relief to come and enrich his work: paper folded or crumpled. But also by inlays of various elements such as stones or pieces of tissue. So many little things that invite the touch and no doubt make his work accessible.
It also hides phrases, words and verbs. Additions of color, tears and offsets animate the background works. Finally, trunks coated with two coats of varnish, applied with energetic movements and detailed, which is once again disturbing the surface of the photograph. It should be closer, and look for small caches, and touch again.
The artist invents and plays with the codes. He designed a very unique artistic language. All his works seem anachronistic, patina, as if they had survived. It is an expression of love fetish for what belongs to the past. Vincent Malléa recreates worlds strongest. Fascinated by the images from his childhood and he claims through his paintings, belonging to a culture firmly Pop.
After the stage of shooting, he reworks his shots in the colorized digitally. His characters are sublimated and often appear as icons or in a look almost heroic. Malléa expresses his fascination with religious images. The artist likes to project its model in a world sublime. It dazzled and even admitted having often a distorted view of people. They are half-god, fairy or Madonnas. The ordinary does not exist in the work of Malla. Everything is "hyper-ized", magnified by the artist. He said it is probably related to a malicious tendency to want to erase the bad memories, once they are passed by embellishing them.

You can book the works by VINCENT MALLÉA referring to page of the artist's art work.
+ info about the exhibition ANATHEMA ANATOMICA

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