Nov 18, 2011

Upcoming exhibition | URBLIMINAL | Javier de Cea

Look carefully at one of Javier de Cea’s Works and you will not be indifferent. In his canvas, sculptures and installations there are hidden reflections of private and intimate stories taken from the streets of contemporary metropolis that, like Barcelona, have become an explosion of creativity of artists from all over the world.
Javier de Cea recreates these urban tracing mixing tags, stickers, posters, stencils and other marks that leave their personal witness on the street walls and finally find in the works of this artist a new harmonic rhythm absolutely astonishing. The point is not what they say or whether they are copied, real, or repeat each other. They are interesting because they reflect urban art, a reality created for and from the city.
The incredible power of De Cea’s canvases is not only in their images but rather in his creation process. The artist intervenes and alters his works as if he was reproducing in them the process of creation of ephemeral art that takes places in the cities. Thick brushes, spray, stickers, adhesive tape, layers of oil paint, acrylic paint and markers succeed each other, cancel and erase each other until they get to the perfect point of harmony between visual impact, dynamism, spontaneity, and urban witnessing.

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