Jul 5, 2011


Aline Ivars, a french artist from Niort, rediscovers the world through the eyes of a child. Through his art works combines sensitivity and detachment. His painting is both introspection and exploration of humanity, the fusion of past, present and future. His illustrations, rich in meaning, make vibrate the viewer's inner child, remind him who he was and bring it back to its true nature. These images, childish, poetic and melancholic  talk to the “l'enfant ROI”, this little thing hidden in all those who observe life without compromise, with true sincerity and emotion. In these works, the colors, looks and characters share space, the details and symbols, then dive into fantasy and hypnotic painting.

A. Ivars
Camille & Dominique
50 x 60 cm.
A. Ivars
My doll
85 x 61 cm.

A. Ivars
61 x 38 cm.

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