May 18, 2011

Current exhibition at Artevistas Gallery | MIDLIFE | Until 5.June.2011

Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker - Dana Ellyn
108 x 134 cm
Oil on canvas
Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker. A portrait of me and my husband, Matt Sesow. Drinking plays a large roll in the creation of many of my paintings - and also in my social life.

Gossip Girls - Dana Ellyn
100 x 100 cm.
Oil on canvas
Gossip Girls. This painting is from a photo taken of me at one of my previous solo exhibits. Now, I sit in this painting looking back at you during this exhibit. It’s a reflection on the past as well as a shared moment in the present.

Red Man. Black Man. White Man. - Dana Ellyn
40 x 16 cm 
Acrylic on canvas 
Red Man, Black Man, White Man. This painting is inspired by the book “The People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn. In early American history, people were strictly divided by their race. The white man, the red man and the black man each held a very distinct places in society.

Sunday - Dana Ellyn
100 x 100 cm
Oil on canvas
Sunday. This is a composition of all of the experiences I had one Sunday morning. First, I went to the gym and a girl stretching in front of my was so flexible I thought she must be in the circus. Next, I went to a local bar for a few mimosas to get the creative juices flowing for painting that afternoon. The bartender kept me entertained with his odd stories so I dressed him as a jester in the painting. After drinks, I road the metro home and took a picture of a beautiful girl in a purple sweater and checked jacket. As I began to sketch out this painting on the canvas, a black bird came and sat on my windowsill so I incorportated him in to the painting too.

“The Windsock” (#1 in “The Rake’s Progress” series) - Dana Ellyn
60 x 45 cm
Acrylic on canvas
The Windsock. In the first painting (“The Rake’s Progress” series) I am a child on a grassy runway throwing paper airplanes in to the wind.  (The windsock represents my husband Matt who was struck by a landing airplane when he was young.) I don’t have any control over which direction my paper airplanes will fly – just like I had no idea which direction my life would take me when I was a child. But the windsock acts like a beacon, leading me to my current life with Matt.

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