Oct 25, 2012

Tonight, OCTOBRE.25TH.2012 AT 20H, OPENING at Artevistas Gallery | MOMENTOS by LUCÍA CRISTÓBAL

Between reality and fiction
My work has the will to defend the painting as a technique, as a language, as an
expressive resource, above discussions about the death of the art. Painting is a
challenge itself, like a trade, like an activity. Painting is a permanent exercise and
essay settled on the social reality and contemporary culture.
My paintings not only demand a topic but also a narration, a daily and dramatic
story, with its banality and suffocation. Each part is fragmented and mythicized to
understand it, or at least to bear it. What is reality? What is fiction? The look of
objects and environments that builds the contemporary landscape. The images are
stolen from the abusive iconography that surrounds us, making everything banal.
I look for information on any consumption bases of images. Comic, television,
newspaper, cinema. With this, I develop a deeper look into reality, demanding the
person who is looking, who is taking a critical distance of the situation.
Objects that represent an exhausted identity. Current monuments. Interspaces. The
balance between the man and the environment in which he is inhabiting. The limit
between the fullness and the emptiness, between public and private, between open
and close, without removing the extremes. The identity as a form sharing the lost
past. The history used as a service. Everything is a question again.
The city is driven by shams and is generated by people who live in residual spaces.
This concept makes the city a space to exchange experiences and processes, where
the contemporary art happens. This occasional city where our dispersed and mobile
identity walks. Cities are instantaneous points from the liquid culture where we are
flowing constantly. The city composed by machines that represent the social
mobility, immediate speed and the actually civilization.
The vacuum, the simplicity, and the silence are resources. Instantaneous images,
spaces to cross and dislocated bodies which allow to create individual places at the
same time that they are shared by mobile migration. How to represent the
persistence of the memory?. How to find an identity which is anonymous and also a
neutral space, soft thinking, and outdated act?. There is not painted people,
because they are included but camouflaged in these interspaces. The white space in
the canvas is a worry silence. The painting is a window from where you can see the
exterior environment.
Lucía Cristóbal Marín

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