Jul 28, 2012

NEW ARTIST: Eric Lacombe at ARTEVISTAS Gallery

The magical and terrifying world of Eric Lacombe

P079 | ERIC LACOMBE | 36 x 48 cm.

P088 | ERIC LACOMBE | 42 x 56 cm.

Eric Lacombe, painter and graphic designer, brings us to a world between fantasy and thaumaturgy.
Characters tortured, disfigured faces, or faces without mouths, they try to convey a message from the inside, yelling for us to decipher it according to our imagination.
Perfect curves finely drawn, as clean and precise snapshot of our worst nightmares. His characters take us to the depths of existential malaise. It is this concern that fuels our thinking, that makes us want to know more, feel closer to his world both sad and heartbreaking, magical and terrifying.

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