May 30, 2012

New art works by SERGE at Artevistas Gallery


Serge started painting in 2001 as an autodidact. After an initial period "abstract", tries the figurative, just to see what he can do!

Serge's works are characterized by feelings aroused and highlight. His paintings caress the canvas, "are images that touch and affect us." Front of his paintings we are disturbed by a mixture of feelings. Serge paints contrasts and paradoxes, focusing on symbolic issues. Behind the artist's gesture is his philosophy.

Far from the traditional brushes or spatulas, the artist creates his work with the tools used in construction: sanders, combs, knives mason ... This derives from a strong conviction, "thus creating is part of their own history."

In his creations he applies acrylic, sugar, sand, wire ... Each material has its own characteristics, and the mixture of textures provokes reactions surprising, arousing the curiosity of the viewer.

If the set of tools and materials awakens the desire to touch the canvas, the geometry and color of funds interact with the drawings of silhouettes, which reveals the soul of a scene.
Serge | detalle obra | Artevistas

Serge | detalle obra | Artevistas

Serge | detalle obra | Artevistas

Serge | detalle obra | Artevistas

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