Feb 10, 2012

DESENCUENTROS | About the artworks | by Miguel Leal

Incertidumbre inducida
Incertidumbre inducida (Induced uncertainty):
Represents the insecurity / uncertainty caused by situations beyond our control completely. Circumstances completely unsettle us, making us question again and again, watching us with many different eyes.
The numbers symbolize the amount of turns given to the situation (always ending in an even number...). The eyes symbolize instability, confusion, looking in many different directions in search of the best option. The lines are again representing the intensity of the feeling.

Despedida en Gran Formato. O no.
Despedida en Gran Formato. O no. (Large Format farewell. Or not.):
This work represents an autobiographical moment. The figure is a self-portrait: it is in a vital crossroads, when you have to make a decision that could force me to say goodbye to something essential in day to day.
The two heads that arise from the same body symbolize the two options you can take ...

Fantasmas bajo la almohada
Fantasmas bajo la almohada (Ghosts under the pillow):
The work stems from the frustration caused by continuous sleepless nights ... The only body with several heads represents the moment in which the ghosts assault you (the thoughts that oppress the head and not let you sleep).
The repeating elements in this work are the red mouths open (icon of past and present situations are not well resolved), incisive lines (measuring the intensity of feeling shown) and the red square.

Multitud que bosteza
Multitud que bosteza (Yawning crowd):
“The representation of crowds gives me a sense of magnitude."
It is more intense represent a strong situation, dense, or that stretches over time through a multitude of characters who have the same feeling. In this work, the characters suffer weariness, boredom, tedium. Yawning is the icon in this situation.

Nacimiento de la metamorfosis
Nacimiento de la metamorfosis (Birth of metamorphosis): 
In this work represent the process of artistic evolution that I have suffered in the latter period, preparing the exhibition Desencuentros. The allegory shows the beginning of the change (metamorphosis).
The central larger figure is a self-portrait. Represents my universe forming, in its development phase.
My I is accompanied by two smaller figures: the one on the left represents the need to transform and change. The one on the right represents "the council": the words of one who gives you the 'push' necessary to carry out this transformation.

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