Nov 2, 2011

New art works | MATT SESOW | Artevistas Gallery

"Painting isn’t just a living for me; it’s also the way in which I am able to express some hidden, nasty feelings about being hit by an airplane when I was eight years old in Nebraska. Yup, I got tackled by a landing propelled airplane whilst playing on a grassy runway one beautiful summer evening. It/the plane severed my left arm, my dominant hand. It sucked, but my experiences with “it” has turned me into the fired-up prolific painter that I am today.
I live and paint amongst the epicenter of political nausea that is Washington, D.C.  My place is a 600 sq. ft. functional playground of eat/sleep/shit/paint. Each day I get, commute 3 feet to an unfinished canvas, and wallow the day away- pushing bright colors around until they tell a compelling story. Some mornings my head hurts from too much drinking, so maybe I’ll get on the computer or mail some paintings…" Matt Sesow for EastCoast Snowboarding Magazine, 2009.

Matt Sesow
27 x 35 cm

Matt Sesow
38 x 56 cm.

Matt Sesow
13 x 18 cm.

Matt Sesow
Do what it takes
38 x 56 cm

Matt Sesow
Swell Fella
13 x 16 cm.

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