Sep 14, 2011

Guim Tio's Exhibition THE GANG OF CHILDHOOD | Hanging Part II

AN INTERVIEW WITH THE ARTIST | GUIM TIO ZARRALUKI (original text in TTT-Time of The Thieves).
TTT. What’s your name?
G.T.Z. Guim Tió Zarraluki
TTT. Where were you born and where do you live?
G.T.Z. I was born in Barcelona and live there.
TTT. What is your profession?
G.T.Z. I’m a teacher and a painter.
TTT. When did you start working with illustration and why?
G.T.Z. I guess it has been little by little because I like it so I dedicate time to it, I‘ve always been doing some drawing.
TTT. What are your favorite artists or which artists have influenced your work?
G.T.Z. I like Basquiat a lot, but I see myself mostly influenced by contemporary artists with the same or similar concerns than mine; like Conrad Roset, Bel Fullana, Irene Bou, Cristian Blanxer or illustrations of Maria Diamantes, Amaia Arrazola or Chamo San.
TTT. What are the elements that inspire you in your work?
G.T.Z. For my current project I’m working with the fashion world and the concept of beauty, so the main elements of my works are fashion magazines.
TTT. Can you tell us what you’re looking to convey with your work?
G.T.Z. In this project, Magazine, I review the concept of beauty and the visual manipulation that’s made of it.
TTT. Have you ever exhibited and if you have, where has it been?
G.T.Z. I held an exhibition at the Sala Parés in Barcelona and I’m currently working with the GaleriaArtevistas also in Barcelona.
TTT. What are you reading now?
G.T.Z. Matadero cinco by Kurt Vonnegut.
TTT. What is your favorite place?
G.T.Z. The bed?
TTT. Can you tell us in what circumstances you made this paint?
G.T.Z. I started in my studio and I remember at the very end, when I was in home and thought I had finished it, I did the dark part of the hair and improved greatly.
TTT. If you could associate this image with a song, which would it be?
G.T.Z. Let everyone imagine one, for me Radiohead’s Creep fits.
TTT. What do you feel when you look at this image?
G.T.Z. I’m a creep, i’m a weirdo…

> see all the available works of Guim Tio at Artevistas Gallery

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